Data was collected from 01/01/01 through 015/1/1, from the Information System of the main obligatory Health Insurance claim database (SIAM) of French Flanders (CPAM).

The smears conducted of either the GP or the female gender of the GP is described as being positive factors that encourage participation in CCS are not able to make a significant difference in the number of patients (9). The history of my church has inspired me to become more efficient in keeping records . Environmental factors that affect socioeconomic status like that of European Deprivation Index (EDI) are significantly and inextricably connected to these rates, women who live in areas that are disadvantaged generally not being adequately screening or not even (10). The church has been adamant about keeping journals. Another reason that has been described as beneficial for involvement of CCS is the proximity to the office of an obstetrician (11).

Why? because the Church’s history is an account of the "manner of living, … faith and deeds" that its people have (see Doctrine and Covenants 85:2). Our aim was to examine the effects on the effect of close proximity to the gynecologist’s office on the CCS levels of involvement. When I read the Church’s history, like the latest historical record, Saints, I am amazed that these books can be made possible by the letters, journals, and other documents of regular people who were members of the church. In our earlier studies (8-10) we noted as the major limitations the time frame of follow-up of 2 years but did not consider adjusting for the influence of facilities for gynecology. The honest first-person accounts of these people inspire me to become more efficient in keeping my journals and help future historians in preserving an authentic background of the Church in Africa. These factors are addressed in this article. Additionally, I get a personal benefit from studying the history of the Church and trying to maintain my own records.

Material and techniques. Like the President Henry B. Study design. Eyring, Second Counselor of the First Presidency, has taught me, I am blessed to witness and be aware of the Lord’s work in my life as well as the life that my relatives have.

At the date (2017), when the suggested interval of two CCS Smears was three years and a cohort study was carried out with a 3 year retrospective follow-up of 93.9118 female patients ranging from 25 to 65 and their 345 primary care physicians, in conjunction with an interview with a telephone. The memory of this strengthens my testimony and enhances my ability to overcome the challenges of my own life. Setting. If I record my own records and consider the other members of the Church’s meticulous documents, I am able to recognize the great pattern of the Lord in the process of restoring His kingdom and Church in the last days. The study was conducted within primary care services in French Flanders (Northern France).

The lessons I have learned from studying the church’s history have greatly contributed to my spiritual growth. Data was collected from 2013/01/01 through 2015/12/31, from the Information System of the main obligatory Health Insurance claim database (SIAM) of French Flanders (CPAM). These lessons have also given me the confidence to stand up for my beliefs because I know why we do the things we do. Telephone surveys of all currently practicing GPs that are members of the CPAM were conducted. Understanding the historic background of the majority of our beliefs and practices has helped me become an even better teacher and better disciple. Participants. See "Race and the Priesthood," Gospel Topics, . For the of the GPs We looked at the female patients between 25 and 65 qualified for cervical cancer screening in accordance with French guidelines.

For instance, Foundations of the Restoration (Church Educational System manual) Chapter 26. Variables. Check out Henry B. The most important outcome was screening for cervical cancer for women who qualify as patients sample of the included GPs determined by the reimbursement of female patients for an cytological exam and cervical tissue samples from the insurance company. Eyring, "O Remember, Remember," Liahona, Nov.

2007, 65-69. Employing claim databases where patients are anonymised and are not identified for ethical reasons due to regulatory reasons (we only know their gender, aged between 25-65 years as well as the name of their GP and the amount they are reimbursed for an cervical smear) However, it was impossible to determine what distance lies between living area of the patient and the office of Gynecologists. Our cookies. But, most patients are listed on the lists of patients belonging to their closest GP who share the same physical characteristics (10). We make use of cookies to give you a better experience when browsing that is personalised, with relevant ads , and more efficient functions.

In order to determine a possible outcome of what is the difference in distance between living area of patients and buy the offices of gynecologists, we determined as our distance indicator the number of Gynecologists’ office around the GP’s offices within five, ten 20, or 40 kilometers.